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Coffee Brewing Methods 101

There are a number of ways coffee can be brewed and how to make coffee. There is no single best way to brew coffee and the choice of coffee machine will depend solely on your preference and lifestyle.

Filter Drip: The filter drip is the most commonly used brewing method. There are plenty of automatic electric drip coffee machines in the market and they are very easy to use. Restaurants and offices use the filter drip coffee machines. In this method, water in the reservoir is heated to almost-boiling point then valves pour the water to the ground coffee beans in the filter. There are different types of filters available for the machines such as paper or permanent gold-plated filters.

Some machines can be programmed to work on a preset time so that you can have coffee at the specific time of each day such as when you wake up in the morning. The filter drip is perfect for people who are on the go.

French Press: Using a French Press or a Plunger Pot to prepare coffee requires time. It involves a whole ritual of preparing coffee but the process also results in good aromatic coffee with a dense body. In this brewing method, ground coffee is placed in a glass container/ beaker, added with water and then stirred. The coffee is steeped for a few minutes and then the plunging mechanism is used to push the coffee grinds at the bottom of the glass container. The coffee grinds are trapped at the bottom of the container. This method results in full-bodied coffee. The essence and aroma of the coffee does not dissipate in the process.

Percolator: Percolator pots have slowly lost its hold in the market despite being the favored brewing method in the 1950s. The percolator has a pot that holds the water with tubes leading to a filter basket. When the water boils the water is drawn to the filter through the tubes. The water passes through the ground coffee. The process is repeated over and over with the brewed coffee mixing with the water in the reservoir. The water is drawn up again onto the coffee in the filter.

The problem with this method is the beans become over extracted and the water is over heated. The aroma of the coffee is not retained because it is dispensed during the whole percolating process.

Vacuum: The vacuum involves infusion. The device is made of two glass chambers. The top chamber is filled with coffee grinds while the bottom chamber is filled with water. The bottom chamber is heated forcing the water to move to the upper chamber where the coffee is. The machine is turned off and the water steeps the coffee. As the temperature in the lower chamber decreases, the water pours back into it. The coffee is filtered in this stage so the coffee particles don’t mix with the brew. You now have good coffee to drink.