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eight Objects That you simply Cannot Keep in Self Storage

Self storage provides comfort at a price which is unbeatable. It may enable liberate room in the homes or places of work so you have the freedom to entry your items anytime you need with no limitations. On the other hand, not everything may be saved in a self storage facility. There are objects that happen to be prohibited by self storage organizations as a result of guidelines and regulations. Make sure to discuss with the corporation should your merchandise is often stored or else you danger earning a wasted journey down 迷你倉.



Weapons which can induce damage to others like firearms are strictly prohibited in Singapore and is particularly a money punishment. Even though you manage to usher in firearms, that you are not permitted to maintain them in self storage amenities due to their unsafe mother nature. No supplier inside their ideal frame of mind will take these items.


Perishable goods for instance food items and beverages are typically not allowed to be stored in self storage services unless they can be in weather and moisture controlled containers. This is often due to the point that they may go lousy and decay immediately after a while and will trigger well being issues.

Any dwelling issues

You can banish the thought of storing dwelling factors such as plants and animals in self storage services. First of all, it is inhumane. Secondly, they are going to die and it is actually prohibited by law also.

Inflammable items

Flamable elements which include propane tanks, kerosene, motor oils, fertilizers, paints, acids and fireworks are dangerous and are strictly prohibited. They not simply pose a risk to the person, in addition they could perhaps ruin your entire self storage facility.

Faux products

Burglars and fake branded merchandise sellers acquire be aware. You might be unable to retail outlet your unlawful things in a self storage facility. No respectable self storage businesses enables illegal or phony goods to get saved inside their facility.


Not all self storage companies will allow jewellery and other valuables for being saved in their facility. This can be as a result of the superior value of the merchandise by itself. On the other hand, if storage is authorized, consumers will usually need to agree to selected limits and ought to have acquired their particular insurance plan for your merchandise.


Aerosols can pose a risk for the facility whenever they explode. Hence, most self storage organizations forbid them to be saved in storage.

Vehicle tires

Although car tires do not pose significantly of a basic safety or overall health hazard, most self storage organizations forbid them largely as a result of the substantial value incurred to dispose them when shoppers are unsuccessful to say back their merchandise just after their agreement finishes.

Higher than are a few of your prohibited things when working with self storage facilities and any failure to abide by them may well end result in instant termination with the deal and perhaps authorized concerns.